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Authentication Information

In BACKND Console's Server Settings - Authentication Information, you can get the Client App Id and Signature Key to be used in the BACKND SDK and set various authentication values required for communications between the server and the client.

Game authentication information

In order to use BACKND's functions, you need to input the Client App Id and Signature Key in the BACKND SDK.
For information on how to use them, please refer to the developer documentation - Getting Started.

Issue a new Client App Id/Signature Key

To get a new Client App Id and Signature Key, click Issue New on the right side of the corresponding field and obtain a new key value.
Precautions for new issuance are as follows:

  • When changing the Client App Id, you must reconfigure the authentication value in the BACKND SDK, meaning that some settings such as temporary announcements and BACKND chat filter in BACKND Console are also reset.
  • If the Client App Id and Signature Key are reissued, the corresponding values must also be changed in the SDK settings.
  • If the Client App Id is changed in the SDK, the settings stored locally in the BACKND SDK are reset.(Guest login information, user access token information, etc.)

App Store authentication information

Caution when transferring a game between Apple developer accounts

When transferring a game to another account from the account you first operated on, the Team ID will be changed, bringing upon changes in the unique values(sku of each user) for when users log in. Due to this, you cannot log in using the previous information.
This is due to Apple's policy, and if you wish to provide a stable gaming service, BACKND's paid technical support is necessary.
If you wish to proceed with the transfer, please make an inquiry to the community or in advance to prevent any inconvenience that may occur when operating your game.

Android package Name and iOS Bundle Identifier are the values that distinguish applications.
You can check it via File → BuildSettings → PlayerSettings → OtherSettings → package Name on the upper section of the Unity window.

Google Hash Key

Google Hash Key is the key used in communication between the BACKND server and the Google server in an Android environment.
This key allows you to use validation and Google-related functions.

Please refer to the two developer documentation pages below to look up Google Hash Key.
You can use the game normally in the Android environment after obtaining the Google Hash Key and entering it into BACKND Console by referring to the documentation.

External account authentication information

Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret are values you need to use Facebook's federation function.
App ID and App Secret Code can be found in Facebook Developer Page → Settings → Basic Settings.
For more information, please refer to Federation Authentication Example - Facebook.