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Delete Account Web Link

How to configure Google login users

Backend.BMember.AuthorizeFederation("", FederationType.Google);

In BACKND, when a user who signed in with Google using the method above tries to withdraw membership via the delete account web link, separate configuration is required in BACKND and Google Cloud.

  1. BACKND Console > Authentication Information > Fill out the Google login authentication information
  2. Google Cloud Platform > Web client ID used for login > Enter in Authorized redirect URI

1. Fill out Google login authentication information

For information about filling out the Google login authentication information, refer to this document.

2. Enter Authorized redirect URI

1) Google Cloud Platform > APIs & Services > Credentials > Select web client

2) Add to Authorized redirect URIs is a URI that is used to implement GPGS V2, and it is not required when implementing the delete account web link.

If an invalid Google information is entered, the 'invalid_client' error occurs at the web withdrawal URL as shown below.

Go to BACKND Console's Management - Terms and Policy menu > delete account web link

  • Make sure to check the Must Read precautions above. There are prerequisites for using the function.
  • Delete account web link can be created in Korean and English.
  • Click Create URL and enter the game title and email inquiry (optional). The URL that redirects users to the membership withdrawal page will be created.
  • You can edit the information of the created URL or deleted the URL.

Membership withdrawal page

  • Clicking the URL in BACKND Console will redirect you to the membership withdrawal page on a new window.
  • You can see the game title and email address you entered when creating the URL.
  • Upon logging in as a user, you are redirected to the withdrawal request page.
  • On the page, the user is notified of the laws related to membership withdrawal and personal information before they sed the withdrawal request.
  • User account is withdrawn after 7 days.