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Version: SDK-5.11.4


public BackendReturnObject RefreshTheBackendToken();


BACKND SDK requires an unexpired access_token or refresh_token stored in the device.
When reissuing is successful, access_token and refresh_token are updated to new values.





Backend.BMember.RefreshTheBackendToken((callback) =>
// Post-process


SendQueue.Enqueue(Backend.BMember.RefreshTheBackendToken, (callback) =>
// Post-process


Success cases

When the update is successful
statusCode : 201
message : Success

Error cases

When the user tries token login but there is no local access token in the device
statusCode : 400
errorCode : accessTokenError
message : accessToken not exist

When there is an attempt without customLogin
statusCode : 400
errorCode : UndefinedParameterException
message : undefined refresh_token, refresh_token cannot be checked

When the refresh_token expired because the user logged in to another device
statusCode : 401
errorCode : BadUnauthorizedException
message : bad refreshToken, Invalid refreshToken

When the user is blocked
statusCode : 403
errorCode : Reason for blocking entered in the console message : forbidden blocked user, Blocked user

When the factory setting is 'Test' but AU exceeds 10
statusCode : 403
errorCode : ForbiddenException
message : Forbidden Active User(user who logged in successfully) exceed 10., There are more than 10 forbidden active users(users who logged in successfully).
When the error occurs, refer to the Store factory setting documentation.

When the refresh_token has expired after one year
statusCode: 410 errorCode: GoneResourceException, message : Gone expired refreshToken, refreshToken does not exist