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Ranking Rewards

Ranking Rewards

In the Rewards tab, you can create ranked rewards and check the rewards that have already been created.
To create a reward, you must first upload the chart to be used to hand out the ranking rewards from the BACKND Chart menu.

For details on sending ranking rewards, please refer to the Send Mail > Ranking Rewards documentation.

Create/modify ranking rewards

When creating/modifying ranking rewards, the following conditions must be met:

  • You can create up to 20 reward brackets.
  • The reward bracket can be set up to the 10,000th place.
  • You can set up to the 3,000th place per bracket.
  • You can only set 1 'reward for all' per reward.
    In the case of 'rewards for all,' all users who participated in the ranking can receive them even if their rank is below 10,000th place.
    Users can receive up to 2 ranking rewards, including 'reward for all.'

Ranking rewards that have been sent expire one week after the ranking ends or is updated.

Even if you modify the chart used for ranking rewards, the ranking rewards themselves will not be changed.

  • When modifying the chart used for ranking rewards, the ranking rewards must also be modified.