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Ranking Creation

In order to use rankings in the game, you must first create rankings in BACKND Console.
The following are necessary steps to take when creating rankings:

  • Create a table that will contain values that will serve as the deciding factors for the rankings.
  • Create a column in the table by entering values that will be reflected in the rankings.
  • Create a ranking based on game information. (Set table and column of game information at creation)
  • You can create up to 70 rankings.


You can select and create user rankings or guild rankings.

Reset period

You can select one of the 5 options for the ranking reset period: daily, weekly, monthly, accumulative, or one-time.
For more information on reset periods, please refer to the Ranking Function documentation that explains the function.

Column reset at end-of-rankings

This is the settings value that will decide whether the column used for the rankings will be reset when the ranking is reset.

  • When the ranking is reset, rank information is reset regardless of whether Data Reset is applied or not.
  • If Data Reset is selected as Apply, the column selected as the ranking field is reset to 0 when the ranking is reset.
  • Additional fields are not reset.

Ranking fields

User ranking

Select the table and column to be used for the ranking.
Only Private tables and numeric columns can be selected.

  • For a ranking field, you can only select premade tables and columns.
  • Columns are called from the latest 100 pieces of data of the table and are displayed.
    In order to create a column, you must perform one insertion into the table in BACKND Console or SDK.

Guild ranking

For guild ranking, you can create rankings that use metadata or rankings that use goods.

  • For meta ranking, you can only select numeric metadata.
  • For goods ranking, you can create rankings using 10 Goods(Goods 1 - Goods 10).
    In order to create a guild ranking, at least one guild must be created in the project.
    To generate metadata of guild rankings, you must first create guild metadata in the SDK.
    Metadata and the number of goods are displayed based on the last guild created.

Additional fields(user ranking only)

Select columns that will be displayed together when looking up rankings.
If a column selected as an additional field exists in the row of a table used for ranking updates, the information is reflected together in the ranking.

Sorting method

You can select ascending or descending order.

Ranking rewards

Select the rewards you will hand out to users when the rankings are reset.