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Version: SDK-5.9.6

Google Payment Console Settings

In order to verify Google payment receipts using BACKND in Android, you need to have a JWT issued from Google Play Console and BACKND Console and registered to BACKND.

  • For receipt verification, information of an account with app publisher permissions is required.
  • You can verify a receipt by creating a JWT of the Google service account and providing it to BACKND.

1. Create a Google API access project

  • In the left menu of the Google console, go to Settings > Developer account > API Access > select the project to be linked.

  • Select Create new project.

2. Create a Google service account

  • Click Create new service account, and go to Google Cloud Platform.

  • After connecting to the Google Cloud Platform, click + Create Service Account.

  • Enter the service account name, ID, and description and click Create.

  • Select Owner for the Role and click Continue.

  • Enter the email address currently connected to the Google console as the service account user role, then click Done.

3. Create a JWT

Create a key consisting of a JSON in the created service account.

  • Click the created service account, click Details > Keys > Add Key and click Create new key.

Select JSON as the key type and click Create. After that, the JSON is downloaded automatically.

4. Apply in BACKND Console

Register the downloaded JWT file in BACKND Console > Store Settings.

5. Grant access to the service account

Grant(or modify) access to the service account created above.

  • Click Google Console > Settings > API access > Grant access for the created service account.
  • In Account permissions, check View financial data, orders and cancellation survey responses.

  • Add the application registered to the console in App permissions, and check Manage orders and subscriptions in App permissions.