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Version: SDK-5.9.6


public BackendReturnObject SetRegistrationValueV3(bool immediateFlag);


immediateFlagboolWhether to allow immediate join(true - quick join, false - join on approval)


Sets whether to allow quick join when players attempt to join the guild.
When you set the quick join status via SetRegistrationValueV3, the _immediateRegistration key is added to the metadata of the guild.
The value is stored as true or false.

  • If you do not set whether to allow quick join using this method, all guilds are set to be joined after the approval of the guild master.
  • If you do not set whether to allow quick join using this method, the _immediateRegistration key is not added to the metadata.
  • If you set quick join only for certain guilds and not others, the metadata may contain both guilds with and without the _immediateRegistration key. Developers who wish to allow the quick join status to be set are recommended to immediately reset the quick join status by calling SetRegistrationValueV3 after a player successfully creates a guild.



Backend.Guild.SetRegistrationValueV3(true); // Quick join settings


Backend.Guild.SetRegistrationValueV3(true, (callback) =>  // Quick join settings
// Post-process


SendQueue.Enqueue(Backend.Guild.SetRegistrationValueV3, true, (callback) =>  // Quick join settings
// Post-process

Return cases

Success cases

When the change is successful
statusCode : 204
message : Success

Error cases

When a guild member who is not the master calls the method
statusCode : 403
errorCode : ForbiddenException
message : Forbidden guild Member, Forbidden guild member

When a player not joined to the guild calls the method
statusCode : 404
errorCode : NotFoundException
message : guild not found, guild cannot be found