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Version: SDK-5.11.2

How To Get Google Hash Key via Backnd Inspector Window

You can get hash keys to be used in BACKND Console by downloading the BACKND SDK and using The Backend > Edit Settings > GoogleHashKey in Unity.

How to get HashKey using the Google Play app signing

1. Go to Google Play Console > relevant application > Release management > App signing key certificate > SHA-1 fingerprint. Copy that fingerprint except "SHA1:".

App signing key certificate, is a signing hash key used to upload and release apps; Upload Certificate, is a release hash key generated in the keystore.
Please note that if the hash key of app signing key certificate is not enrolled in BACKND Console, the federation login may be unavailable after the app's release.
ex) AA:D5:48:C4:D1:BD:V7:BB:ND:MA:AA:B1:CF:DE:E9:F4:G9:H7:J9:L7

2. Enter the copied fingerprint in SHA-1.

3. Click the Generate button to paste the hash key printed in HashKey to BACKND Console.

ex) 9DVI3dgk2gjdjjlh+=

When the Google hash key of APK received after uploading to Google Play differs from the existing Google hash key

If you checked 'Google Play App Signing' when uploading an APK file to Google Store, Google will confirm the key signature signed in the APK file and delete it.
Then, Google generates the signature again using its own certification key, which leads to a difference between the signatures before and after the upload.

Up to 3 Google hash keys may be generated.

  • Debug hash key generated using debug key
  • Release hash key generated by registering keyStore
  • Signing hash key generated with Google's certification key after uploading an APK file to the Google Console

For debugging, the Google hash key generated before upload should be registered to BACKND Console. For distribution, register the Google hash key after uploading the signing hash key to the release key.
For smoother servicing and testing, register the signing hash key to the release hash key field and the debug hash key and release hash key to the debug hash key field.

To use functions properly in the uploaded APK version, you must register the certification key in platforms other than BACKND, including Firebase(Google Login/Push services), Facebook, etc.