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Version Management

Version Management is a function that provides a way of processing updates according to the Forced/Optional value when the server version is higher than the client version.

  • The most recently registered version is applied, not the version number.(by platform)
  • When a version is deleted, the next version is applied based on the most recent registration date.(by platform)

Register versions

You can register a new version by clicking the Register Version button on the upper section of the page.

  • When calling a method in the SDK, if the update method is forced, type 1 is returned, and if it is optional, type 2 is returned.
  • For the title of the version, only alphabets, numbers, and '.' can be entered. Up to 20 characters are allowed.
  • Versions can be added separately for iOS/Android.

Delete versions

You can delete a version by clicking the Delete button on the upper section of the page.