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Receipt Verification

You can check the receipt verification history via ChargeTBC, IsValidateGooglePurchase, or IsValidateApplePurchase in the game.

  • When using the receipt verification function alone, the price information will not be displayed.
    • To check the prices, register the price information for product IDs via the Cash Management menu.
    • In SDK 5.9.0 - 5.9.2, the price information will not be displayed properly due to version issues. Please use SDK 5.9.3 or later where the issues have been fixed.

Process refunds

From the Receipt Verification page, developers can tag receipts as 'Refund' as they see fit.
Note that this Refund tag is unrelated to the actual refund and does not affect the game or payment in any way. It is merely a convenient function for admins to mark records.