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Push Message Management

In BACKND Console's Push Message Management, you can register a push message to be sent to logged-in devices at a reserved time.


To use the push message-sending function in the console, you must first register push message information in the server settings.
For more information about Server Settings → Push Message → Push Message Registration and client functions, please refer to the links below:
Android (Google, ONE store) push registration: developer documentation - Android Push Message Registration
Apple push message registration: developer documentation - iOS Push Message Registration
Push message is sent only once even if the multicharacter function is in use.

General push messages

Repeated push messages

Register push messages

You can register a new push message by clicking the Register Push Message button on the upper section of the page.

  • For the delivery date, you can set the message to immediate delivery, reserved delivery, or repeated delivery.
  • You can also enter different content depending on the country by clicking the + button on the upper side of the input window.
  • In order to add a country, at least one user must have the country code, and only the countries with users are shown.
  • Users who do not have a Device Token activated on the client will not receive push notifications.
  • If there are multiple pushes within the same time, some of the pushes may not arrive on the device.


Recipients differ by whether same package name is applied to Play Store and ONE Store in Authentication Information menu.
If identical package name is applied, Android (Google Play Store), Android (ONE Store), iOS(Development), iOS(Production)
If different package name is applied, Android, iOS(Development), iOS(Production)

Immediate delivery

The push message is sent immediately following its registration.

Reserved delivery

  • When choosing to reserve a message, the date and time of delivery can be selected in 30-minute increments from the nearest 30 minutes, and times in the past cannot be selected. (Furthest time: 30 days later)

Repeated delivery

  • This allows you to send a push message repeatedly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Add countries

You can also add/remove other countries by clicking the + button at the top of the push message input field.

Edit push messages

You can edit a registered push by clicking on it.

  • Push messages that have already been sent cannot be edited.

In the case of repeated push messages, you can check the history of the ones that have been sent.

Click the End Repeat button on the right to leave the history of push messages that have been sent and terminate the repetition.

Test push messages

Push test is a function that searches for a user’s nickname and sends a push immediately.

  • Users who do not have a Device Token activated will not receive push notifications.

Delete push messages

You can delete a push message by pressing the Delete button on the upper section of the page.

  • Push messages that have already been sent cannot be deleted.

General push messages

Repeated push messages

Repeated push messages are no longer sent repeatedly once removed.

Push messages for mail function

When registering mail using BACKND's mail function, you can register a push message that will be sent together with the mail.
Once the mail is registered, the push message registered in the mail is automatically registered in Push Message Management. (Repeated Mail is registered on the Repeated Push Message menu.)

  • You can delete a mail-registered (reserved/repeated) push message before sending it, and when the mail is sent after the deletion of the push message, only the mail is sent.

Mail functions