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Admin Mail

Administrators can send admin mail from the console.
For client functions, please refer to Mail Function.


When creating a chart, you must set 'Mail Use' to 'Enabled' to be able to send mail.
For chart registration, please refer to the relevant documentation.

Send admin mail

Administrators can send items in the chart to all users or specific users by using the chart registered in the console.

  • If the delivery date is set to immediate, the mail will be sent at the time the Send button is pressed.
  • For reserved and repeated delivery, you can select a time to send mail and repeat it in 30-minute intervals.
  • You cannot send duplicate mail at the same time.
  • If you enter Send Push, a push notification will be sent after the mail is sent.
  • When creating a chart, the chart items' Mail Use status must be set to Enabled to appear in the list.

Set countries

When sending mail, you can send them by specifying different content(different languages) for each country.

  • If you click the + button at the top of the mail input box, a mail input box is created where you can send different information to users of the corresponding country code.
  • Items are sent equally to users of all countries.
  • The country code in the country selection box is displayed based on the country currently selected for users.
    • The country code is only displayed when there is a user with a country code for which different mail content is to be sent.
  • Up to 5 countries can be designated.
  • The content of the Basic tab is displayed for users who do not have a country code or users whose country setting is not specified for mail.

Set mail recipients

You can specify the mail recipient.

  • If the recipient is set to All, the mail will be sent to all users.
  • If you select the recipients, your mail will be sent to the selected users.
    • Up to 1,000 people can be set as recipients.

Delete admin mail

You can delete a piece of mail by selecting it and pressing the Delete button on the upper section of the page.
The items in the mail that have been claimed do not disappear but unclaimed items are vanished.

Check admin mail reception

if you click on the name of a sent piece of mail, you can check its subject, content, push message content, sent items, and whether users have received them.

  • In the case of mail sent to all users, only users who have received it are displayed on the list.
  • You cannot check the recipients of mail set to All and without items.