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Policy Management

Activate simple creation toggle

If the BACKND “Policy Management” menu is not in use, the simple creation function will automatically be enabled.
If the fields that need to be filled out manually are entered on the left UI, they will be automatically applied to the privacy policy template (right test) provided by BACKND.
  • Fields that must be entered and checked
    a. Project information
    b. Disclosure location and notification method
    c. Collected personal information
    d. Provision and consignment of personal information
    e. Other
    f. Manager and supervisor

1. Project information

  • You cannot edit the project information fields in the “Policy Management” menu.
    (You can click the “Settings” icon for each field to access the menu for editing.)
  • If changes have been made to detailed fields, clicking the “Refresh” button will update it with the new company name and service name.
  • Clicking the "Confirm" button will change the check-mark icon.
  • Each field has a “Confirm” button, as seen above. The “Confirm” button must be clicked after filling the field to move on to the next field.
    The text you input will be reflected in blue letters on the right template.
    It will not be saved to the server at this point. You must click the “Confirm” button for all fields to ultimately save them on the server.

2. Disclosure location and notification method

  • You must provide information on how the privacy policy will be presented to users and how they will be notified when the privacy policy is revised.
    The “Confirm” button will be activated only when all fields have been filled.

3. Collected personal information

  • If the company automatically collects user information, you must disclose the types of the collected information.
    The “Collected personal information” section includes fields that must be indicated by default to comply with legal requirements.
  • If there are any additional personal information that is collected within the game, add them.
    • You can input this information by typing and pressing Enter

4. Provision and consignment of personal information

  • If the personal information of users is provided or shared with others or other organizations, the details must be disclosed.
  • The list of consignees includes AFI (BACKND) by default. (Includes the details of the consigned tasks as well as the retention and use period of personal information)
  • You can click the "Add Consignee" button to manually add consignees.

5. Other

  • Activate the “Business Transfer” field if using the publisher.
    • A new provision will be added. (8. Notice of Business Transfer)
  • If membership for users under the age of 14 is allowed, activate the “Allow Membership Under 14” field.
    • If activated, the term “legal guardian” will be added to the necessary provisions.
  • The “Confirm” button will be activated only when all other fields have been filled.
  • When the Business Transfer toggle is activated

  • When the Allow Membership Under 14 toggle is activated

6. Manager and supervisor

  • A channel must be made available for receiving opinions and complaints related to personal information protection.
  • The “Confirm” button will be activated only when all fields have been filled.
After clicking all the “Confirm” buttons, clicking just one button will save it on the server.

Preview and copy URL

  • To activate the button set, you must input all the fields in the simple creation and click the “Confirm” button.
  • Preview: You can preview the HTML generated based on the content you manually entered.
  • Copy URL: The URL to the HTML repository can be copied to your clipboard.

Deactivate simple creation function

  • The template content will move to the text editor, allowing you to edit it manually.

Activate simple creation function

  • The content you wrote will disappear and be replaced by the simple creation content.