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Chart Management

Unlike game information, charts are data that all users can look up.
If the developer uploads a chart file to BACKND Console and applies it, users can access it through the server.
For example, after creating and uploading an item chart file, you can load the item list from the in-game store and print out the data.
You can create up to 200 charts and upload up to 600 chart files.

Create folders/charts

  • A chart that has been created externally can be later added to the desired folder.

Create folders

  • You can create a folder and separately manage charts inside the folder.

  • You can manually create charts in the folder you have created.

  • Creating a chart inside the folder

  • List of charts created inside the folder

  • Managing charts in the folder

  • Extract from folder: Extracts the selected charts out of the selected folder.

  • Delete: Deletes the selected chart.

Creating a chart without entering the folder

  • Add to folder: Adds the selected chart into a folder.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected chart.

Upload chart files

Uploads a chart file into the created chart.

  • The "id" column cannot be used in the chart file as it is a reserved key.
  • The chart file must have only one sheet.
  • Column names in the chart file can only contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. It cannot contain spaces.
  • You cannot use backslash(\) in the chart file.

After uploading a chart file, select a chart file to "Apply Chart File" / "Download CSV" / "Delete".

Applying chart files Even if you have uploaded a chart file, you cannot import it using the GetChartList method from within the SDK unless you click the "Apply Chart File" button on the upper section of the page.
Be sure to click the "Apply Chart File" button to apply the uploaded file after selecting it.

Chart details window

Charts can be easily modified in BACKND Console.
After changing the edit mode to ON, select a cell, and press Enter or double-click on the cell to edit its content.