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Cash Management

Game Cash Management is accessible when one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • Android Package Name is entered and the JWT is uploaded
  • iOS Bundle Identifier is entered

If you are only using Receipt Verification, you do not need to manage Cash Management, Cash Item Management, and Usage History.

Manage cash

TBC is an abbreviation of The Backend Coin, a generic term for in-game cash(currency), which is a server currency designed to be perfectly reliable.
TBC is given only via the in-game(BACKND SDK) receipt verification, and the operator can designate a user to give/withdraw TBC to/from them in the console.
Recharging is possible only through receipt verification and is not possible through a separate method call from the client.
You can recharge TBC in the game through ChargeTBC.

Usage tip

TBC can only be recharged at the time of receipt verification and cannot be given as an in-game reward(monthly fixed-rate reward, ranking reward, etc.).
In the case of in-game rewards or currency that needs to be given regularly, we recommend using a separate currency other than TBC from the game planning stage.

When planning a currency separate from TBC

  1. TBC and the other currency cannot be purchased together
  2. TBC can be converted into the other currency
  3. The other currency cannot be converted into TBC

As above, if the value between TBC and the other currency is adjusted to 1:1, it can have the same effect as giving TBC as an in-game reward.

Register cash

Cash is a means of giving TBC by checking the ratio of real money to TBC. To give TBC, the product ID of this cash must be the same as the product ID of the in-app product registered in Google or iOS.
For example, the cash below is an in-app product worth around 1,000 KRW, which is equivalent to 100 TBC.

Upload CSV

After receiving the list of in-app products as a CSV file from the Google Play console, add a TBC column to enter the TBC value for each product and upload it to BACKND Console to automatically create a cash list.

You can download the CSV file by going to Google Play Console → Select Application → App Information → In-app Products → Managed Products → Import/Export → Export Managed Products to CSV File.

Upload conditions

  • The following column names must be included in the CSV
    • Product ID
    • TBC
    • Locale; Title; Description
    • Price
  • Value conditions for each column
    • The rows in the Locale; Title; Description columns must have a ko_KR; value and a "Title:;" value that corresponds to "Locale;"
  • The rows in the Price column must have the currency unit of "KR;"
  • Duplicate product IDs cannot be uploaded
  • If an in-app product is using a price template, it cannot be uploaded Download example file

Manage cash items

Cash items are items that can be purchased using cash(TBC).
This item can be purchased after getting the list of cash items via GetProductList in the game and using UseTBC.

Transaction history

You can check the content of TBC purchases/usage or admin payment/withdrawal through ChargeTBC or UseTBC in the game.