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This documentation explains how you can build a project created by a developer.
Projects can be built using BACKND CLI.
BACKND Function works in the Linux environment.
Building requires several custom build settings provided by BACKND.

Be sure to use BACKND CLI to build and deploy the result to the server.

'build' commands

You can build the project set in config.json or set the project to be built by the developer directly.

Build the project set in config.json backend build

Build an arbitrary project backend build project to be built.csproj At this point, the project to be built must contain the absolute path where the corresponding csproj is stored.

Return cases

When the building is successful If you see a message similar to the figure below, it means that the build was successful.

Makeing publish.Zip
Decompressing "C:\directory\BackendFunction\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.1\linux-x64\publish"
to "C:\directory\UserRank\BackendFunction\bin\Release\netcoreapp2.1\linux-x64\".

When the project path is invalid or is unrecognizable due to special/whitespace characters MSBUILD : error MSB1003: Please specify a project or solution file. There is no project or solution file in the current working directory.
MSBUILD : error MSB1008: You can only designate one project.
MSBUILD : error MSB1009: No project file.