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Version: 6.0.0


public string GetTempAnnouncement(string data);
public void GetTempAnnouncement(Action< string > tempAnnouncementCallback);


Temporary announcements registered in the console are received.
The method is provided only in an asynchronous form.

The callback format is String, not BackndReturnObject.


Because temporary announcements are stored in the server in the form of a JSON file, not in the BACKND database, they can be used even if the BACKND access_token does not exist.

BACKND's temporary announcements can be used in the following cases:

  • To display certain information to members who are not logged in
  • To display announcements to users after checking the server status through maintenance
  • To display a temporary announcement because the BACKND server is not operating properly
Note on compatible Unity version

is function works properly in Unity 2017.2 and later.



Backnd.Announcement.GetTempAnnouncement(callback =>
// Post-process

Return cases

Success cases

When the temporary announcement is loaded successfully

"isUse" : true, // Use status
"contents": "Hello! Hello! BACKND Man is a game that showcases BACKND's functions.\nIn this example game, we provide the view and code to help you understand how BACKND functions are used." // Content

Error cases

When temporary announcements have never been set
An empty string value is returned.