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Version: SDK-5.9.6


public LeaveChannelEventHandler OnLeaveMatchMakingServer;


argsLeaveChannelEventArgsSuccess/failure status of termination of connection to the server


ErrInfoErrorInfoError information
SessionInfoSessionInfoInformation on the terminated session


This event is called when the connection to the server is terminated.
This event may be called in the following cases:

  • When the client explicitly terminates connection to the server
  • Matching type that was not created in the console is requested
  • Matching server disconnects from the client due to an abnormal reason.

In order for an event to be called, the message sending/receiving method must be called.


Backend.Match.OnLeaveMatchMakingServer = (LeaveChannelEventArgs args) =>

Argument cases

When the connection to the matching server is terminated properly ErrInfo.Category : ErrorCode.Success ErrInfo.Detail : ErrorCode.DisconnectFromLocal

When the matching server disconnects from the client forcibly due to an abnormal reason ErrInfo.Category : ErrorCode.Exception ErrInfo.Detail : ErrorCode.DisconnectFromRemote

When a match type that was not created in the console is requested ErrInfo.Category : ErrorCode.DisconnectFromRemote ErrInfo.Detail : ErrorCode.Exception ErrInfo.Reason : boost::bad_format_string: format-string is ill-formed

When connection between the match server and the client is lost for more than 30 seconds
(e.g.: Poll method is not called, or the game is moved to the background)
ErrInfo.Category : ErrorCode.NetworkTimeout ErrInfo.Reason : Session Disconnect(0)