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Version: SDK-5.9.6


public void ChatToGlobal(string Message);


MessagestringAnnouncement message content


In BACKND Console's BACKND Chat - Announcement Management, the user registered as an admin can send announcement messages from the client.
It is also possible to send announcement messages according to each ChannelType via 'Send Announcements' in BACKND Console's BACKND Chat > Announce Management.

Send operator announcements

The user registered as an operator can send announcement messages according to the following:

  • In order to send an operator announcement chat, the operator who will send the chat must be connected to the chat channel(available for both general and guild chats).
  • Operator announcements are delivered only to all 'general channels' in the game and not to guild channels.(If the game only uses guild channels, please use the announcement function in BACKND Console.)
  • All chats(announcements) of accounts registered as operators are excluded from blocking/spam prevention/profanity filters and are shown unconditionally to users without exceptions.
  • When sending operator announcement chats, the error code can be checked in ErrInfo of OnGlobalChat.
  • The message cannot exceed 512 bytes.

The announcement sending/receiving function is only available in BACKND SDK 4.5.0 or later versions.
Operator registration in BACKND Console is updated at midnight(24:00)


Backend.Chat.ChatToGlobal("[Notice] The event will start at 3 pm.");