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Version: SDK-5.9.6


public bool ChatToChannel(ChannelType type, string message);


typeChannelType(enum)Type of the channel to which the message is sent. ChannelType.Public(normal) or ChannelType.Guild(guild)
messagestringContent of the chat message to be sent


A message is sent to the currently connected channel. The message cannot exceed 512 bytes.


Backend.Chat.ChatToChannel(ChannelType.Public, "Nice to meet you.");

Return cases

Exception case

When the length of the chat message attempted to be sent exceeds 512 bytes Maximum chat size is 512 byte

When an attempt is made to send a message without connecting to a chat channel Not connected.(0)

When an attempt is made to send a message even though the connection to the chat channel is not complete(OnJoinChannel event has not been called) Not connected.(1)