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Version: SDK-5.11.2

5.9.6 Update Notes

410 error issue when updating from SDK 5.6.0 and earlier versions

If you are updating from SDK 5.6.0 or an earlier version, all BACKND method calls may result in 410 GoneResourceException error.
The error will not appear after relogging in, so please configure so that the following login methods can be called:

  • Backend.BMember.CustomLogin
  • Backend.BMember.GuestLogin
  • Backend.BMember.AuthorizeFederation
  • Backend.BMember.LoginWithTheBackendToken
  • Backend.BMember.RefreshTheBackendToken
Incompatibility with BACKND Function 0.1.2

If you call BACKND Function 0.1.2 or an earlier version(released before December 28, 2021) from SDK 5.9.0,
the methods called from within the function will result in an error and not work properly.

You must upgrade BACKND Function to 0.2.0 before upgrading the SDK.

403 Forbidden logic update in SDK 5.8.0

From SDK 5.8.0, if 403 Forbidden error occurs due to excessive requests, the local restricts sending further requests to the server for 5 minutes and 30 seconds; if a function is called during this time, the following error is returned:

statusCode : 403
errorCode : Forbidden
message : 403 Forbidden by Local

When using an existing message to process the 403 error, use errorCode or the IsTooManyRequestError method.

1. Addition of user data management method

The 'User data management' method has been added as the simplified version of the game information management procedure.

  • Its function is identical to the previous game information management (GameData).
  • The parameters and returnValue of the method have been changed.(e.g.: returnValue of Get: row[] → rows[])
  • Once the function is successfully called, the read capacity and the write capacity used for the call are displayed.


// Modify my data that has been registered most recently in the table
Backend.PlayerData.UpdateMyLatestData("tableName", param);

// Modify my data in the table that is identical to inDate
Backend.PlayerData.UpdateMyData("tableName", "2023-10-25:11:34:24.124Z", param);

// Modify data in the table identical to inDate and owner_inDate (data of others can also be modified)

Backend.PlayerData.UpdateOtherData("tableName", "2023-10-25:11:34:24.124Z", "2023-10-22:09:14:35.616Z", param);

// Load the 10 most recently added pieces of data in the table

// Load ten rows most recently added by others from tableName
bro = Backend.PlayerData.GetOtherData(tableName, otherOwnerIndate);
Debug.Log("Read capacity for the request : " + bro.GetReadCapacity());