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Version: 5.11.2


public BackendReturnObject ContributeGuildGoods(string rankUuid, goodsType goodsType, int value);


Old version rankings cannot use this method.


rankUuidstringuuid of the ranking to update
goodsTypegoodsTypeType of guild goods to update
valueintValue to contribute

The rankUuid value can be checked using the following methods:


Contributes goods to the guild and updates the ranking at the same time.

  • ContributeGuildGoods is a method where the ranking update function is added to the Backend.Social.Guild.ContributeGoodsV3 method.
  • Information of goods updated without using the ContributeGuildGoods method or the UseGuildGoods method is not reflected in the ranking.
    When 1,000 points are contributed using the Backend.Social.Guild.ContributeGoodsV3 method while 10,000 points are reflected in the current ranking, 10,000 points will be reflected in the ranking, and 11,000 points will be reflected in the guild goods.
    If the user contributes 1,000 points again using the ContributeGuildGoods method, 12,000 points will be reflected in the ranking and 12,000 points will also be reflected in the guild goods.

Guild rankings do not support additional fields.



Backend.URank.Guild.ContributeGuildGoods("rankUuid", goodsType.goods1, 1);


Backend.URank.Guild.ContributeGuildGoods("rankUuid", goodsType.goods1, 1, callback => {
// Post-process


SendQueue.Enqueue(Backend.URank.Guild.ContributeGuildGoods, "rankUuid", goodsType.goods1, 1, callback => {
// Post-process

Return cases

Success cases

When the update is successful
statusCode : 204

Error cases

When the uuid is null or string.Empty
statusCode : 400
errorCode : ValidationException

When the ranking to be updated is not a goods ranking
statusCode : 400
errorCode : BadParameterException

When the value is 0 or lower
statusCode : 400
errorCode : PreconditionFailed

When the user tries to update with goods not selected during ranking creation
statusCode : 404
errorCode : NotFoundException

When a user who has not joined a guild attempts to update the ranking
statusCode : 412
errorCode : PreconditionFailed

When there is an attempt to update the ranking during UTC +9 04:00 - 05:00
statusCode : 428
errorCode : Precondition Required

When there is an attempt to update the ranking between 4 am - 5 am in Korean time

When there is an attempt to update an expired one-time ranking
statusCode : 428
errorCode : Precondition Required