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Version: 5.11.2

Sending Mail From the Console

1. Send mail from the console

Go to BACKND Console, and in BACKND Base > Mail Management, click the Register Mail button.

Create a piece of mail that will be sent immediately.

ClassificationSetting value
Sent dateImmediate delivery
Expiry dateDesired value
TitleDesired value
ContentDesired value
SenderDesired value
Push messageBlank

Click Add Item at the bottom and select the item to be given.

ClassificationSetting value
ChartItem chart
ItemDesired value
QuantityDesired value

If reward items cannot be selected, it may be because there are no item charts with the mail function enabled.
In this case, refer to Step 1. Pre-arrangements and create an item chart with the mail enabled.

Then, set the recipient to All and click OK to create the piece of mail.

ClassificationSetting value