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Admin Account Management

Super admins and general admins

  • Super admin: An account in the form of an email registered in BACKND. GNB drop-down menus and notification functions are only available to super admin accounts.
  • General admin: An administrator account created by a super admin. Can access selected projects by permission level set by the super admin.

Manage admin accounts

You can set general admins via the drop-down menu in(GNB) → Admin Account Management menu at the upper section of BACKND(GNB).

Set general admin login URL

If the general admin login URL is not set, you must set it first.
A URL can be a combination of 3-12 alphanumeric characters, and it cannot start with a number.
General admins can log in through that URL only.

Create/modify general admin accounts

  • You can create up to 25 general admin accounts.
  • When creating/editing general admins, you can assign them to projects they will oversee.
  • You can grant a permission level to the general admin, not permission per function.
  • A general admin can only use the functions included in the granted permission level.(They will only see the menus they can access upon logging into the console.)
  • As for the permission to open price information, you can separately grant them regardless of levels. An admin can access all prices of projects they have permission to.(You cannot selectively grant access to some of the projects that belong to a specific permission level.)

General admin permission levels

LevelDescriptionIncluded Functions(Higher-level permission includes all functions of the lower-level permission)
1Minimum operating functionsAnnouncements, events, 1:1 inquiry, finding user information, policy management
2General admin functionsUser management, push management, mail management, coupon management
3Advanced operating functions(Cash-related functions and some settings)Receipt verification, cash management, ranking management, guild management, BACKND Chat, BACKND Match, version management
4Data-related functionsGame information management, log management, chart management, probability management, BACKND functions
5Settings-related functions(All functions)Server settings, dashboard
Access to Price InformationPermission set separately from levels(Can be granted to any permission level between 1 and 5)Can open all prices of managed projects

General admin login

General admin accounts can only log in through the dedicated login URL set by the super admin.

When creating announcements and events, the nickname of the logged-in general admin is registered as the author.