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Create Visual Studio Code Project

Create a new project using the BACKND Function extension in Visual Studio Code

1. Install the BackendFunction extension from the Marketplace

Search for BackendFunction in vscode - Marketplace search, then install the BackendFunction.
Alternatively, you can search on the vscode Marketplace webpage to install it.

  1. Call BackendFunction: Create from the Command Palette After installing the extension, open the Command Palette(Ctrl + Shift + P) and enter BackendFunction: Create in the input box.

  1. Select the folder in which to create the project folder

  1. Enter the name of the folder to be created An error occurs if the folder name is blank or there is a folder with the same name in the selected folder.

  1. Complete creation After that, when you create a template file, a new VSCode window will open and you will be directed to the project.
    The project will be created with the file path specified by Steps 2 and 3.