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BACKND Function Installation for Mac

To develop BACKND Function, development tools and the Visual Studio Code extension must be installed.
Developers can use the Visual Studio Code extension to create new projects in the Visual Studio Code environment.
Developers can use the BACKND Function development tools to debug and build the project created using the above template, deploy it to the server, and delete the deployed project.

Install the BACKND Function development tool

After downloading the development tool from the above link, run the SetupForMac.pkg file to install it.

After downloading and running the file, the following notification may pop up.
If the following modal appears, press Open and open the program.

If the file cannot be downloaded or run, go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy, then click Open Anyway next to 'SetupForMac.pkg.' This process can occur twice in total(when downloading from the web and running the program).

Run the installer and proceed as per the procedure.

  • Do not change the program path.
  • /Applications/AFI/BFunc/ is the installation path.

After installation is finished, the computer must be restarted to properly complete the installation.

Install the BACKND Function extension for VSCode

BACKND Function does not support Visual Studio for Mac.
For Mac environments, we only support extensions(vsix) provided by Visual Studio Code, and you can use templates using the palette command.

After searching for BackendFunction using search in Extensions in Visual Studio Code, find and install BackendFunction.
Alternatively, click the Install button on the Marketplace on the Vscode webpage to install.

Delete BACKND Function


To delete BACKND Function, you must delete the AFI folder inside Applications.
You can delete it by right-clicking on the Applications/AFI folder and clicking 'Move to Trash' or dragging it to the Trash.

Environment variable

To remove the environment variables set for the registered BACKND Function, download and run the application below.