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In BACKND Function, you can request various BACKND functions in the same way as calling BACKND functions using BACKND SDK in Unity.
If a BACKND function is requested within BACKND Function, the response time of the BACKND Function may be slow as it has to wait for a response to the corresponding function request.
For more information on response times, please refer to the Response Time documentation.

Request BACKND functions

You can call a function in the same way you call methods in the BACKND SDK.
In BACKND Function, all functions are called synchronously.

Differences with BACKND Base

There are some differences between the functions provided by BACKND Base and those provided by BACKND Function.

FunctionUsage Difference With BACKND Base
Game userDoes not provide authentication(login, membership sign-up, etc.) functions.
Receipt verification / Game cash managementSome changes have been made to the way token values are handled when verifying Google receipts.
Game informationSame as BACKND Base.(Only supports management of new version of game information)
Game logSame as BACKND Base.
Ranking managementSame as BACKND Base.(Only supports management of new version of ranking)
Coupon managementSame as BACKND Base.
Probability managementSame as BACKND Base.
Mail managementSame as BACKND Base.
Guild functionSupports only a select few features.
Chart functionSame as BACKND Base.(except the internal save function)
User searchSame as BACKND Base.

Guild functions

You can only use the following guild functions in BACKND Function.

  • Look up guild list
  • Look up my guild information
  • Look up my guild goods
  • Edit metadata
  • Contribute currency
  • Use currency Only the guild master can use currencies.