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Apple Receipt Verification

This method checks whether the receipt issued after an Apple in-app purchase(IAP) is valid.
For more information about the IAP process, please refer to the IAP Verification documentation in BACKND Function of BACKND Base.

IsValidateApplePurchase(string receiptJson, string receiptDescription) -> BackendReturnObject

// example
var bro = Backend.Receipt.IsValidateApplePurchase("receiptJson", "receipt verification");


receiptJsonstringReceipt token generated after IAP
receiptDescriptionstringContent to be checked additionally in receipt verification history

Return casess

When successful
statusCode : 201
message : Success returnValue : {"usedDate":"2018-10-15T05:17:49Z"}

Receipt of refund/cancellation
statusCode : 402
errorCode : AbnormalReceipt
message : This receipt has changed status. purchaseState: cancelled

Already used receipt token
statusCode : 409
errorCode : UsedReceipt
message : This receipt has already been used. usedDate: 2018-02-15T04:01:50.000Z

Expired receipt token
statusCode : 400
errorCode : BadParameterException
message : bad token, Invalid token