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Upgrade BACKND Function 0.3.0

As of May 20, 2023, AWS service has ended support for .NET 3.1 used in BACKND Function.
BACKND Function is also related to this function, meaning that projects created in versions 0.2.0 and below can no longer be uploaded and executed; attempts will return an error message.
Failed to execute the Lambda function. The dotnet CLI failed to start with the provided deployment package.
Please check CloudWatch logs for this Lambda function to get detailed information about this failure.

To solve this issue, you must update the project's .NET Core version to 3.1.

To upload the function properly, the following two tasks must be completed in advance:

  • Upgrade .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 6
  • Reinstall BACKND Function 0.3.0

1 Change to .NET 6

For Visual Studio

  1. Right-click on BackendFunction.csproj and select Properties.

  2. Change Application > Target Framework to .NET 6.

If you cannot select the version, download .NET Core 6 and restart your PC.

For VSCode

  1. From BackendFunction.csproj, change TargetFramework to net6.0.

2. Upgrade BACKND Function to 0.23

Download and run BACKND Function development tool 0.2.1.

Once the installation is complete, restart your PC.

If it does not run properly

If the application does not run properly after the upgrade, delete the existing BACKND Function from your system and reinstall it.
Run Program Files > AFI > uninst.exe to delete BACKND Function.