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There is an execution time limit in BACKND Function.
The timeout per method execution is 10,000 ms(10 seconds).
If it takes more than 10,000 ms to execute the logic written by the developer, the server does not process it and returns an error.

Check timeouts when debugging

When debugging, you can enable timeouts to ensure that methods written by the developer run within a time limit.
To enable timeout in the debugging environment, set timeoutEnable in the debugConfig.json file as follows:


"timeoutEnable":"true", // A string. "true = active"

Even if the method stops during operation through a breakpoint, etc., if the timeout time elapses, it returns as a failure.

Error case

When the logic takes more than 10 seconds to perform Backend Function timeout: Exceeded 10 seconds

Timeout after server deployment

Because the development environment of the developer and the actual execution environment differ, there are cases where a timeout does not occur when debugging but after server deployment.
It is necessary to check whether the server is running normally even after deployment.

Also, in the case of ColdStart, timeouts may occur.
If the program itself is large from using various third-party libraries when the developer develops BACKND Function, execution may be limited by a timeout when the method is called in a cold start state when it is first requested.
In this case, you must change the library you use or change the logic.