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How BACKND Function Is Called Into Server

The server executes the deployed BACKND Function according to the following rules:

  • File name: BackendFunction.dll
  • Namespace name: BackendFunction
  • Class name: Bfunc
  • Method to be executed: public Stream Function(Stream stream, ILambdaContext context) (Method with the name Function, return value Stream, and has parameters Stream and ILambdaContext)

The rules above are set automatically for a project made using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code plugins provided by BACKND.

If you arbitrarily change either of the four rules above after creating your project, BACKND Function may not run properly following the deployment.
Think of the Function method as the Main method of BACKND Function.

Create and call random namespaces/classes

A namespace or a class can be created at any time in a project, and you can call one at any time within the Function method.