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Version: SDK-5.11.4

Idle BackendHero

Idle BackendHero is an idle game developed by using the BACKND Base functions.


TheBackendMatch follows the BSD-2-Clause license.
The source code can be modified and used normally and commercially.
BACKND does not take responsibility for or guarantee the use of the source code.

The Unity package file contains some of the 2D sprite resources, which are free Unity assets for launching games.

How to use

Please refer to Game Settings for information on starting the game.

Included functions

'Idle BackendHero' includes the following BACKND Base functions; various Base functions suited for idle games are planned to be added.

BACKND Base functions

Custom accountCustom sign-up and login
Token loginToken login with BACKND access token
NicknameModify nicknames
PolicyInformation on Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
ChartsRead and cache charts
Game informationUpdate and load game information
TransactionsBatch update and look up game information
Auto-saveSave the game at certain intervals using coroutines
RankingsLoad rankings and update them at certain intervals
MailCheck for sent mail at certain intervals
Game logInsert information on errors when they occur
Error handlerRun maintenance and handle common errors from connection with other devices
SendQueueTransmit data using SendQueue

Functions to be added

FriendsFriend recommendation using random lookup and friends list
GuildGuild recommendation using random lookup and guilds list
Events/announcementsEvent and announcement functions
CouponsProvide and store items according to coupons
DrawsProvide and store items according to draw results
BACKND ChatChat function