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Version: 5.11.6

BACKND Match Structure

BACKND Match takes the tcp server/client structure.

Event formats

Send messages

When a method is called from the client to the server to send a message, the SDK puts the data the client wants to send in a send queue and sends it in order.

Receive messages

The message sent by the server is put in the receive queue in the SDK, and taken out in order and reprocessed into an event format to generate an event on the client.

Poll method

In order to send the message that exists in the send queue and reprocess the message that exists in the receive queue and call it in an event format, the client must periodically call the Poll method. It is recommended to call the Poll method in the Update method of the Unity object in BACKND.
Developers can call Poll in any desired manner, such as calling Poll by creating a coroutine or calling Poll in a separate thread.

If the Poll method is not called, the event is also not called.

Match server structure

As shown in the figure above, a client connected to the match server can request matching as the match type that the user wants.
The server is not divided for each match type, and matching is performed on the same server.

For more information on match server structure, please refer to the Matching Server Structure documentation.

In-game server structure

Once matching is established in the match server, a room token is issued to limit access to users matched with the in-game server address for the real-time game.
Users can use such information to access the in-game server and enjoy the real-time game.

For more information on in-game server structure, please refer to the In-game Server Structure documentation.