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Version: 5.11.4

Google Payment Console Settings

In order to verify Google payment receipts using BACKND in Android, you need to have a JWT issued from Google Play Console and BACKND Console and registered to BACKND.

  • For receipt verification, information of an account with app publisher permissions is required.
  • You can verify a receipt by creating a JWT of the Google service account and providing it to BACKND.

For more information, Please refer to the Store info > Google Play Store.

bucket URL exclusion

You do not have to register the bucket URL at the later phase of the receipt verification.

When transferring a game between Google developer accounts

The process does not cause problems in ordinary situations; however, during the use of the receipt verification function, the in-app purchase fails until the store information changes according to the changed developer account information.

You must abide by the follow instructions before transferring the game.

  1. Temporarily disable the receipt verification function and proceed with update
  2. Transfer the game between developer accounts
  3. Update BACKND Console's store information with the receiving developer account.
  4. Activate receipt verification function and proceed with update