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Game Logs

The BACKND SDK communicates with the BACKND server and provides a feature to save game logs.
Logs can be saved on the server freely in a form desired by the developer.
The generated log can be checked in BACKND Console.

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Search logs

You can search the saved logs by type.
You can search for a specific log by entering the member number, nickname, or time period.

Download logs

You can save the searched log as an Excel file.

Funnel analysis

You can use the data of the generated logs for funnel analysis.

Funnel analysis is a method of analyzing the completion rate and the conversion rate of users in events. This method earned its name due to the form it ultimately takes. The developer creates logs each time a user completes a specific event and gathers the data using the funnel analysis method to easily find critical sections where many users leave.

This analysis helps developers improve their games by analyzing major sections where a large number of users leave and the cause for such behavior.