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Game Information Management

You can easily manage user data using BACKND.
In BACKND, you can create a table through two methods: a table with a defined schema and a table without a schema.
You can use BACKND SDK to communicate with the BACKND server and save, edit, look up, and delete actual game information.

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Differences with/without schema

ClassificationSchema-defined TableSchema-undefined Table
Extend Table ColumnOnly possible in BACKND ConsolePossible in the client & BACKND Console
Insert ClassNot supportedOnly possible in the client
Set Default ValueSupportedNot supported
Search as QuerySupportedSupported
Operator(operates at the same time as Update)SupportedSupported

Schema-defined table

  • Only columns defined in advance can be inserted/modified.
    This is a table that can be used after declaring all columns that form the table when creating a table in the console.
    If you attempt to insert/modify columns that have not been defined in advance in the console, all will fail.
  • It is possible to set the default value of the columns that form the table.
    All columns are reset to their default values by simply inserting a table in the client.
    It is also possible to insert each value explicitly without resetting to the default value.

Schema-undefined table

This is a table type previously supported by BACKND.

  • This is a noSql table that can be extended freely.
    After creating a table in the console, any type of column can be successfully inserted/modified in the client.
  • Columns that form the table and default values must be set in the client.
    Due to the nature of noSql, columns are created at insertion/modification, meaning that the configuration has to be done on the client.

Differences between public and private tables

Public TableReturns all gamer informationCan only modify own table
From SDK 5.4.0 or later, can modify others' tables
Private TableOnly returns own table informationCan only modify own table

You cannot modify other people's public tables in versions below SDK 5.4.0.

Transaction feature

A transaction is a synchronous task that groups multiple read or write tasks into tasks that are performed in a batch or tasks where nothing is performed.
Tasks are done atomically, meaning either all tasks succeed or fail.

In other words, when all tasks bound by the transaction are successful, it returns as a success, and if some of the tasks fail, the processing of all tasks is reset and it returns as a failure.

In BACKND, you can process transactions by grouping up to 10 read or write tasks.

Game information save limit

It is possible to save up to 400 KB in one row(set of columns).
For example, if the name of a column is shirt-color and the value is R, it means 12 bytes are stored.

  • When one row(group of columns) exceeds 400 KB
    statusCode : 413
    errorCode : ServerErrorException
    message : request entity too large

Up to 290 columns can be saved at once.

When the total number of columns to be inserted exceeds 290
statusCode : 400
errorCode : ValidationException
message : Invalid UpdateExpression: Expression size has exceeded the maximum allowed size;