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Getting Started


Chat SDK includes BACKND Base's sign-up and login functions, allowing a standalone use without needing to install the Base SDK.


If you wish to use it along with other Base's functions, you must use Base SDK 5.11.1 or later versions.


The chat service allows users to send and receive messages in real time.
Currently, the following criteria must be met in order to use the chat service:

  • Users must have nicknames.
  • Chat must be enabled in the console.
  • One or more channel groups must be created in the console's Chat -> Channel.

User nickname settings

  • Users without nicknames cannot use the chat.
  • If the nickname has been changed, the user must reconnect to the channel to have their new nickname displayed.

Using BACKND methods other than login

The Base SDK (Backend.dll) included in the Chat SDK only includes sign-up and login functions.

  • If you are already using the Base SDK and importing an SDK, exclude Backend.dll.
    If you are using an SDK version earlier than 5.11.1, please update it to 5.11.1 or a later version.
  • If you wish to use the Base's functions aside from the login function, import the BackendChat SDK and Base SDK ver. 5.11.1 or later to overwrite Backend.dll.