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Example Game


The example chat game is a Unity sample project that contains example codes to allow users to easily utilize the chat functions.

The example was developed in the following versions:

  • Unity 2022.3.9f1
  • Backend 5.11.1


How to Configure

1. Import the example chat game

Download BackendChatExample.unitypackage from the download URL above and import it.

2. Enter the Client App ID and Signature Key of the BACKND Console project

Go to BACKND Console's Project Settings > Authentication Information, copy the Client App ID and Signature Key, and click The Backend > Edit Settings on the upper section of Unity.
Paste the two copied values.

3. Enable chat in the console

Go to BACKND Console's Chat > Settings and click Enable Chat.

4. BACKND Console > Chat > Settings > Copy Signature Key

Go to BACKND Console's Chat > Settings and copy the Signature Key.

Inside the Unity project's hierarchy, click Canvas > the ChatPopup game object, and paste the Chat UUID in the UIChatManager script of the inspector.

5. Create channel group & channel

  1. Click + button next to Channel group

  2. Select open type, and click Next.

  3. Enter Channel group name and Maximum number of participants per channel

  4. Enter first Channel name, and click Create, and click Next

6. Run project

The configuration is complete. You can now run the Unity project.