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Parameter/Return Class Information

This documentation provides information on classes provided as parameter values or returned as return values when using BACKND Chat.


These are classes that express error information.

CategoryErrorCodeErrorCode category
DetailErrorCodeErrorCode details
SocketErrorCodeSocketErrorError codes for Socket class
ReasonstringReason for success/failure


SuccessRequest successful
ExceptionError code on occurrence of an unknown internal exception
SocketOpertatonErrorWhen the socket task fails
AuthenticationFailedWhen authentication fails on the chat server
BrokenStreamWhen there is an issue in the transmission/reception stream related to the socket
NetworkTimeoutWhen failing to reconnect after being disconnected from the chat server due to abnormal reasons
DisconnectFromLocalWhen the SDK disconnects from the chat server due to some reason
DisconnectFromRemoteWhen the chat server disconnects due to some reason
InvalidMessageInvalid message sent or received
InvalidOperationOccurs upon an invalid request
InvalidSessionInvalid session error due to an unidentifiable reason in the chat server
ChannelTimeOutOccurs when no chat is entered for a certain period
BannedChatWhen chat messages are sent N times within a certain period and when a non-admin user uses GlobalChat
DuplicateConnectionWhen a duplicate login occurs
NetworkOfflineWhen temporarily disconnected from the chat server due to abnormal reasons(includes the user and other users)
NetworkOnlineWhen the connection to the chat server is recovered after NetworkOffline(includes the user and other users)


These are the classes for the users within a channel.

NickNamestringNickname of the session user
IsRemoteboolremote status(false for my session, true for other user's session)