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Version: SDK-5.11.6

SetGet(Where), SetGetV2(inDate)

public TransactionValue SetGetV2(string tableName, string inDate, string owner_inDate);
public TransactionValue SetGet(string tableName, Where where);


tableNamestringName of table to modify
inDatestring(Selection) inDate of the row to search
owner_inDatestring(Selection) inDate of the user who owns the row
whereWhere(Selection) Where condition to search the row that will be searched


The command to look up the table is returned.
Upon modification using the inDate in TransactionReadV2, you must use SetGetV2; SetGet is unavailable.


List<TransactionValue> transactionValues = new List<TransactionValue>();

//When the row belongs to your inDate
transactionValues.Add(TransactionValue.SetGetV2("tableName", "row indate", Backend.UserInDate));
//When the row belongs to xk inDate
transactionValues.Add(TransactionValue.SetGetV2("tableName", "row indate","owner_inDate"));

// OR
Where where = new Where();
where.Equal("owner_inDate", "inDate of the user to search");
transactionValues.Add(TransactionValue.SetGet("tableName", where));