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Version: SDK-5.11.4


A user who created a waiting room in the matching server.
The rights of a host cannot be transferred to another user.
The host has the following rights.
(A normal user cannot use the following functions.)

  • Request matching
  • Cancel matching request
  • Kick out a user
  • Delete the waiting room

Super Gamer

Once matching is established, the server designates one of the users whose matching has been established as the Super Gamer in the game room.
The Super Gamer is the host of the game room designated by the server.

  • Regardless of who the host is in the waiting room of the matching server, one of the users whose matching has been established will be designated as Super Gamer randomly.
    • This is because if the host of the waiting room is the Super Gamer of the game room, that user may abuse the rights of the host.
  • If the Super Gamer user is disconnected from the game server, one of the users in the game room will be designated as the Super Gamer randomly.