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Version: SDK-5.11.4


public MatchMakingLeaveUserInRoomEventHandler OnMatchMakingRoomLeave;


argsMatchMakingGamerInfoInRoomEventArgsInformation on users who left the waiting room


ErrInfoErrorCodeError information
ReasonstringError description
UserInfoMatchMakingUserInfoInformation on users who left the waiting room


This event is called when a user leaves the waiting room.

  • It is called when the user leaves the room.
  • It is also called when other users leave the room.
  • It is also called when a user is kicked out of the waiting room.
  • When the host leaves the waiting room and the room expires as a result, the following event is called:
    • Exit event of the host is called.
    • The user's own exit event is not called.

In order for an event to be called, the message sending/receiving method must be called.


Backend.Match.OnMatchMakingRoomLeave = (MatchMakingGamerInfoInRoomEventArgs args) => {

Argument cases

When I leave or another user leaves
ErrInfo : ErrorCode.Success
UserInfo : information on the user who left

When a user tries to leave the waiting room while matching is in progress(exit fails)
ErrInfo : ErrorCode.InvalidOperation
Reason : In-progress matchmaking.

When I am kicked out or another user is kicked out
ErrInfo : ErrorCode.Match_Making_KickedByOwner
UserInfo : information on the user who was kicked out