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Version: SDK-5.11.4


Throttling occurs in the SDK because there is a set amount of data and chat messages that can be sent from the client to the server at once.

Data transmission limit

  • For every second, up to 10 KB of data can be transmitted.
    • Client designated as a Super Gamer by the server can transmit data up to 30 KB every second.
  • 1 second is absolute time. It is not the sum of the data size of the transmitted data.
    For example, The maximum data size that can be transmitted between 39-40 seconds is 10 KB.
    Even if a total of 9 KB was transmitted between 39-39.5 seconds, 10 KB can be transmitted between 40-40.5 seconds.
    In this case, only 1 KB can be transmitted between 39.5-40 seconds.

Processing throttled data

Throttled data is not sent to the server.
Such data will be terminated without being sent again by the SDK.
Tasks including resending throttled data should be performed by the client.