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Version: SDK-5.11.4


public BackendReturnObject CreateAccount(string id, string password);


idstringUnique ID required to create user account and log in
passwordstringPassword required to create user account and log in


Create a new user account by entering the unique ID and the password that follows.

  • You cannot log in using Backend.BMember.CustomLogin.
  • You cannot create the account using the same name as the ID created using CustomSignUp.
  • You will be logged into the account if the creation was successful, and there is no need to call LoginAccount.
  • If the account login is completed, you cannot use BACKND functions excluding character-related methods.

    If you attempt to call BACKND Base's functions after completing the account (user) login but not going through the character login, the following exception occurs: The client has not logged in yet. Please log in first(0).



BackendReturnObject bro = Backend.MultiCharacter.Account.CreateAccount("id" , "password");
if(bro.IsSuccess()) {
Debug.Log("Successfully created the account.");


BackendReturnObject bro = Backend.MultiCharacter.Account.CreateAccount("id", "password", callback => {
if(callback.IsSuccess()) {
Debug.Log("Successfully created the account.");


SendQueue.Enqueue(BackendReturnObject bro = Backend.MultiCharacter.Account.CreateAccount, "id", "password", callback => {
if(callback.IsSuccess()) {
Debug.Log("Sign-up successful.");


Success cases

When the sign-up is successful
statusCode : 200
message : Success

Error cases

When the device information is 'null'
statusCode : 400
errorCode : UndefinedParameterException
message : undefined device_unique_id, device_unique_id cannot be checked

When the project status is 'Maintenance'
statusCode : 401
errorCode : BadUnauthorizedException
message : bad serverStatus: maintenance, Invalid serverStatus: maintenance

When the device is blocked
statusCode : 403
errorCode : ForbiddenException
message : Forbidden blocked device, Blocked device

When there is a duplicated ID
statusCode : 409
errorCode : DuplicatedParameterException
message : Duplicated customId, Duplicated customId.