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Version: SDK-5.11.4


Update notes

410 error issue when updating from SDK 5.6.0 and earlier versions

If you are updating from SDK 5.6.0 or an earlier version, all BACKND method calls may result in the 410 GoneResourceException error.
The error will not appear after relogging in, so please configure that the following login methods can be called:

  • Backend.BMember.CustomLogin
  • Backend.BMember.GuestLogin
  • Backend.BMember.AuthorizeFederation
  • Backend.BMember.LoginWithTheBackendToken
  • Backend.BMember.RefreshTheBackendToken
Incompatibility with BACKND Function 0.1.2

If you call BACKND Function 0.1.2 or an earlier version (released before December 28, 2021) from SDK 5.9.0,
the methods called from within the function will result in an error and not work properly.

You must upgrade BACKND Function to 0.2.0 before upgrading the SDK.

Note - 403 Forbidden logic update in SDK 5.8.0

From SDK 5.8.0, if the 403 Forbidden error occurs due to excessive requests, the local restricts sending further requests to the server for 5 minutes and 30 seconds; if a function is called during this time, the following error is returned:

statusCode : 403
errorCode : Forbidden
message : 403 Forbidden by Local

If you are using the previous messages to process the 403 error, use errorCode or the IsTooManyRequestError method.

1. Error fixed for abnormal display of inDate when loading compression data

When loading data including compression data or a table including compression data in transactions exists, the inDate displayed
on the return value was shown in an abnormal way, which made it impossible to search the inDate. This error has been fixed.
(When inDate ends with 0Z)

Server's inDate ValueinDate Value From the Client (Error Value)

2. ONE store in-app payment receipt verification added

A function to verify receipts for in-app payments made in ONE store has been added.(Link)

Subscriptions are not supported.


Backend.Receipt.IsValidateOneStorePurchase("gold100", "231215112636U1011050", "ONE store payment");

3. Android version Apple Login SDK added

An SDK that receives the Apple Login token through a web view in Android has been added.(Link)

void Start()
public void StartAppleLogin() {
TheBackend.ToolKit.AppleLogin.Android.OnCloseButtonClick = () => {
Debug.Log("The window has been closed");

TheBackend.ToolKit.AppleLogin.Android.AppleLogin("com.thebackend.testapp.applelogin", out var error, token => {
Debug.Log("Token : " + token);
Debug.Log("A token has been issued. You can now log in.");

Backend.BMember.AuthorizeFederation(token, FederationType.Apple, callback => {
Debug.Log("Apple login result : " + callback);

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(error) == false) {
Debug.Log("Error : " + error);

4. Error fixed for methods that check read capacity and write capacity exclusively for PlayerData

An issue of exceptions occurring in GetWriteCapaicty() and GetReadCapacity() when reading and writing transactions was fixed.