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Version: SDK-5.11.4

Direct Lookup of inDate in Return Value

You can refer to the example below to look up the inDate value in the returned JSON object
by using the GetReturnValuetoJSON(), Rows(), GetFlattenJSON(), and FlattenRows() methods.

Below is an example of looking up the inDate value of index 0 in the returned JSON object.


BackendReturnObject bro = Backend.GameData.Get("tableName", new Where());

// GetReturnValuetoJSON()
var jsons = bro.GetReturnValuttoJson();
inDate = jsons["rows"][0]["inDate"]["S"].ToSttring();

// Rows()
var rows = bro.Rows();
var inDate = rows[0]["inDate"]["S"].ToString();

// FlattenRows()
rows = bro.FlattenRows();
inDate = rows[0]["inDate"].ToString();

// GetFlattenJSON()
jsons = bro.GetFlattenJSON();
inDate = jsons["rows"][0]["inDate"].ToSttring();