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Version: SDK-5.11.4

Guild Master Functions

  • When delegating the guild master position or appointing/removing a vice guild master, gamerIndate must be used to call the method, not inDate.
  • The inDate key and gamerIndate key are included in the guild member list obtained by calling the GetGuildMemberListV3 method.
  • inDate is the time when the user joined the guild. When a method is called using the key of inDate, 'statusCode 404 guildMember not found' is returned.
  • If a vice guild master or guild member without the privilege of a guild master calls the guild master method, 'statusCode 403, errorCode ForbiddenException' is returned.
  • The guild masters can use the following functions.

    • Delegate the guild master position
    • Appoint vice guild master
    • Remove from vice guild master
    • Use guild currency
    • Allow/disable quick guild join
    • Register/change guild country code