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Version: 5.9.6


Param is a parameter class passed when communicating with the BACKND server.
In various methods that interact with the BACKND server, Param is passed as a parameter value.
Param provides the following methods.

MethodReturn ValueDescription
AddvoidAdds data to Param.
AddCalculationvoidAdds data for calculation to Param.
ParseParamData or class in JSON format is converted to Param.
ClearvoidResets data added in Param.
CloneParamCopies Param.
GetJsonstringReturns data stored in Param in JSON format.
GetValueSortedListReturns SortedList stored in Param.

For more information on Add, AccCalculation, and Parse methods, please refer to each one's developer documentation.


Resets data stored in Param.

Clear() -> void

// example
Param param = new Param();


Copies Param.

Clone() -> Param

// example
Param copyParam = param.Clone();


Returns the data stored in Param as a string in JSON format.

GetJson() -> string

// example
Param param = new Param();
var json = param.GetJson();


Returns the data stored in Param.

GetValue() -> SortedList

// example
Param param = new Param();
var sList = param.GetValue();