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Version: 5.11.8


public bool JoinGameServer(string serverAddress, string serverPort, bool isReconnect, out ErrorInfo errorInfo);


serverAddressstringIn-game server address(server address retrieved from roomInfo of OnMatchMakingResponse)
serverPortushortIn-game server port(server port retrieved from roomInfo of OnMatchMakingResponse)
isReconnectboolReconnection status(false). For more information on how to reconnect, see the documentation on reconnection.
errorInfoErrorInfoSuccess/failure information

For more information on the server address and port required to connect to the in-game server, please refer to the documentation on information for connection to the in-game server.


Attempts to connect to the in-game server.

  • The fact that the in-game server connection method returns true means the server is connected to the socket; it does not mean that the server connection was successful.
  • Actual server connection is established after user authentication is completed in the in-game server, and the success/failure of connection to the in-game server can be checked via the OnSessionJoinInServer event.


string serverAddress;
ushort serverPort;

OnMatchMakingResponse += (args) => // Place to check serverAddress and serverPort
string serverAddress = args.RoomInfo.m_inGameServerEndPoint.m_address;
ushort serverPort = args.RoomInfo.m_inGameServerEndPoint.m_port;

void JoinInGameServer() // Random method
bool isReconnect = true;
ErrorInfo errorInfo = null;

if(Backend.Match.JoinGameServer(serverAddress, serverPort, isReconnect, out errorInfo) == false)
// Error confirmation

Return cases

Success cases When connection between the in-game server and the socket succeeds
errorInfo : ErrorInfo.Success

Error cases
When connection to the in-game server fails
errorInfo.Category : ErrorCode.Exception
errorInfo.Reason : "reason"

When connection between the in-game server and socket fails
errorInfo.Category : ErrorCode.SocketOperationError
errorInfo.SocketError : type of socket error that occurred
errorInfo.Reason : "reason"