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Version: 5.11.8

About Multicharacter


Multicharacter is a function that allows a user to own multiple custom login users in one account.
You can make an RPG game that allows one to log in, select a character from the character selection screen, and log into the game with that character.

Example project

We have prepared an Example Project that showcases the fundamentals of the multicharacter login function.
Through this project, you can learn how to use the multicharacter method.

Create multicharacter project

To use the multicharacter function, you must set Multicharacter to Enable when creating a project.
If you create a multicharacter inside a project where Multicharacter is set to Disable, the UI exclusive to Multicharacter will not be visible and cause an inconvenience.


The following restrictions apply when using the multicharacter function:

  • Up to 20 characters can be created.
  • Push notification is sent to the most recently registered user.
  • When loading the character list, only one table can be called simultaneously.
  • You cannot call BACKND Base in the account login.
  • Because of this, you cannot perform actions such as adding all the data of currently-owned characters and registering it to the rankings, or saving it to the DB.
  • The methods to find the ID and the password of a multicharacter are supported in SDK 5.11.1 and later versions.
  • Third party logins such as GPGS and Siwa are supported for multicharacter login in SDK 5.11.1 and later versions.
  • For a stable use of the multicharacter function, please use SDK 5.11.1 or later versions.

Multicharacter login process

Multicharacter login has additional steps to logging in compared to the custom login.

  1. Log into multicharacter account Enter the ID and the password just like in custom login and call the account login of multicharacter.

  2. Load characters When the account login succeeds, the list of all the characters the owned by the account is loaded.
    Here, you can designate and load a table to display the characters' profiles or stats.

  3. Proceed with character login using the loaded data To proceed with a character login, the uuid and inDate of each character loaded in step 2 are required.

  4. Use BACKND Base functions after logging in If (SelectCharacter(uuid, inDate)) was successful, it means the login was also successful.
    From this point on, you can call BACKND Base's functions in the same logic as the successful custom login.

Methods that cannot be called after proceeding with multicharacter login

All characters logged in using the multicharacter function cannot use the following methods that exist in Backend.BMember.

  • Backend.BMember.UpdateCustomEmail
  • Backend.BMember.ResetPassword
  • Backend.BMember.UpdatePassword
  • Backend.BMember.ConfirmCustomPassword
  • Backend.BMember.UpdateFederationEmail
  • Backend.BMember.ChangeCustomToFederation
  • Backend.BMember.WithdrawAccount

If you try to call one of the above methods, the following error will be returned:

When one of the methods above is called after character login
statusCode : 424
errorCode : CharacterBlock